Billabong ビラボン メンズ用 3/2 Furnace Pro Zipperless Fullsuit (Black) ウェットスーツ【送料無料】【代引不可】【あす楽不可】【05P20Aug16】【0818】




The Furnace is Billabong's premium cold-waterwetsuit, and 3/2 Furnace Pro Zipperless fullsuits are suitable for temperatures 61 - 66 F.Designed specifically for warmth and comfort, utilizing the most advancedmaterials and construction techniques coupled with an exclusive new 'Drymax'entry system the Furnace is built for superior warmth. Drymax furnace lining isspecially engineered irrigation channels that allow both multi-directionalstretch and superior drainage. The air pockets within the channels also trap andretain body heat making it super warm.Lightweight. Flexible.The Ultimate In High Performance.Drymax Furnaceinternal lining for quick dry and warmth. Minimal seams formaximum flexibility and stretch. Zipperlessconstruction for a water-tight entry system. Twin needle self tieblind stitch for the most durable blind stitch available. Fused wrist cuff edgesfor better seal cuffs. Silicone grippers thatlock wrists and ankles into position, reducing flushing. Contour grip skincollar for chafe free comfort. 3D moulded Supratextknee pads that are pre-bent, durable and flexible. Pre bent back knee foradditional comfort. Long sleevewetsuits. 3/2 Furnace Pro TempGuide: Cold 16-19 C / 61-66 F.■

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